Our Services

The competitive services of ELTA COURIER S.A. ensure the fast, reliable and inexpensive thansport of any postal item to any destination in Greece or abroad. Deposit your shipments to an ELTA or ELTA COURIER S.A. shop in your area or call us at 11120 (from landline with local charge) and 2106073005 and we will come to pick them up at your doorstep. 

ELTA COURIER S.A. possesses an increasingly expanding network of shops and collaborators nationwide, making the most of more than 750 shops in the Greek network, in order to provide fast and secure forwarding of your items.

More information on our services:

  •  Update for the service of domestic shipments “Door to Door”
  •  For the service of international shipments EMS press here
  •  For international shipments with the SPM service press here