Our Services

The competitive services of ELTA COURIER S.A. ensure the fast, reliable and inexpensive thansport of any postal item to any destination in Greece or abroad

1. Domestic shipments “Door to Door”: 

The "DOOR to DOOR" service of Tachymetaphores ELTA has been used since 1987 to provide the fast, reliable and economic transfer of any postal item or parcel in Greece. Read more

2. International shipments EMS: 

 Express Mail Service (EMS), the most world widely redeemed courier service for cost-effective and safe shipping, connects198 postal networks all over the world. Read more. 

3. International shipments SPM: 

 Special Priority Mail (SPM) is a service that provides the fastest and best performance, using a perfectly organized international network. Read more

Submit your shipments to an ELTA or ELTA Courier shop of your area or call us at 11120 (local charge from landline) and 21006073005 and we will come to pick them up at your door.