Company Structure

Board of Directors:

  • Feidopiastis Antonios, father’s name Christos, President of the B.D.
  • Apostolakos Dimitrios, father’s name Grigorios, Managing Director
  • Stefanou Antonios, father’s name Iosif, Vice President
  • Tsavalos Zikos, father’s name Ioannis, member
  • Boulmetis Konstantinos, father’s name Efstratios, member
  • Sandas Ilias, father’s name Georgios, member
  • Andreou Vasiliki, father’s name Evangelos, member.

Managment- Executives: 

  • Panagos Panagiotis, General Manager
  • Kounelakis Georgios, Operations Manager
  • Michailidis Elias, IT Manager
  • Roupas Vasilis, Manager of Strategic Development, Innovation and Quality
  • Ioannis Panopoulos, Finance & Administrative Operation Manager