Prohibitions of domestic door-to-door transfers

The shipments are not allowed to contain:

  •  Explosive materials
  •  Inflammable materials
  •  Radioactive materials
  •  Corrosive substances
  •  Gazes
  •  Drugs
  •  Antiquities
  •  Pieces of art
  •  Food that might turn rotten· Alive or Dead animals
  •  Plants
  •  And generally items, that by their nature or their packing may be self-destroyed or destroy other items whose handling and transportation is banned by IATA.

To avoid the delivery for transport of the foresaid items, the company has the right to, but is not required to check the item that undertakes to transport, or even to open it. When the sender for any reason submits for delivery such items, the company, as soon as it realizes their presence, has the right to handle them at its own judgment, including the prompt discontinuation of transportation, disclaiming any further responsibility, while the postage paid is not reimbursed. 

The sender is always the only responsible for the damages that may be caused to individuals or other items by false declaration of the content.