Daily reimbursement of the Cash on Delivery service

ELTA COURIER S.A. reimburses centrally and daily the cash on delivery payments to the beneficiaries according to the terms agreed individually with each client in the following way:

  • Deposit of the amount collected on a daily basis in the bank account of the beneficiary with simultaneous electronic update of the clients by an email with the analysis of the shipments.What is the benefit of the daily reimbursement of the Cash on Delivery service of ELTA Courier in a bank account?

•You have guaranteed reimbursement of your money in your bank account on a daily basis.

•You have automatic update by e-mail about the analysis of your shipments and the amount reimbursed in your bank account.

•And all these with the security that only ELTA COURIER S.A. can guarantee.

  • Reimbursement Attribution by an ELTA courier, with the use of a green post check and above all the sense of security that your money are secured by the guarantee of ELTA Courier, a subsidiary of ELTA group.

Attached you will find the declaration and instructions for its filling for the reimbursement of the Cash on Delivery service by the upgraded service of daily reimbursement in a bank account. The declaration can be sent to ELTA COURIER SA free of charge with code for charge of the addressee 140306 00 01. In addition, the procedure for the modification of cash on delivery is attached (change of the cash on delivery amount, cash on delivery annulment).